Six Kiosk Posters Replaced

by Aug 24, 2021John Shribbs, Publications, Shollenberger

John Shribbs created six new posters to 4 of the kiosks at Shollenberger Park. They were printed at Speed Pro in Santa Rosa since it has inks that are more UV resistant. Point Blue is working on a poster on their restoration plantings that will go in the rebuilt kiosk in SW corner. The wetland painting by Emily Roeder was printed again and screwed into the Alman Marsh Sheridan entrance kiosk. The Ellis Creek kiosk is next on the list.  Keith White helped John put in new corkboard and posters.

The topics are all about water. There are companion articles in the Science menu of the PWA website.

Flooding click to get PDF of Flooding poster
Sedges in Our Wetlands click to get PDF of Sedge Poster
Saving Our Wetlands click to get PDF of Saving Our Wetlands poster
Dredging click to get PDF of Dredging poster
Threats to Our One and Only Ocean click to get PDF of Ocean Threats poster
Wetland Processes (note: this is a rebuilt kiosk in SW corner) click to get PDF of Wetland Processes poster

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  1. Glenda Smith

    Beautiful šŸŒ·

  2. Marty Slonim

    Nice work John and a great contribution to the park and public understanding of our wetlands! Beautiful color layouts. Am looking forward to seeing and reading them.

  3. Gabrielle C. Swanberg

    Thank you to all the volunteers and staff.

  4. Moira Sullivan

    John – they look GREAT! Very colorful and they relay a tremendous amount of critical information on wetlands. Thank you for doing this!

  5. David Donnenfield

    From the photos, they look great and provide a ton of information. Can’t wait to see them in situ. So essential to informing the public of the park’s natural processes and contribution to quality of life for all living creatures. Thanks for this wonderful work.


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