Video Lectures

Sears Point Restoration

This incredible place, along with another 58,000 acres around the county, is protected because of Sonoma Land Trust members. Their support is crucial to the work being done to protect these amazing properties.

Wetlands Water Issues

A lecture on local water issues given by John Shribbs, a member of the General Plan and Groundwater Committees as well as President of Petaluma Wetlands Alliance. This talk was based on webinars and meetings concerning water issues attended in past year.

Bird Research in the Wetlands

Len Nelson, Chair of Research for Petaluma Wetlands Alliance, gives a lecture about his four projects: swallow house construction and monitoring, egret and cormorant counting, owl box monitoring, and monthly bird surveys.

Friends of Shollenberger Webinar FEB 2021

Friends of Shollenberger Joan Cooper and David Keller gave a webinar to update Petaluma Wetlands Alliance (PWA) docents and members on the ongoing battle with Dutra over the proposed asphalt plant across the Petaluma River from Shollenberger Park in Petaluma.

Geologic Origins of the Petaluma Watershed

Nicole Myers is a Lecturer in the Department of Geology at Sonoma State University. In this talk she focuses on the “Geologic Origins and Evolution of the Petaluma Watershed”.

Petaluma River Ecology

A 45 minute lesson on the local watershed for the Petaluma River with an emphasis on water and ecology, the history of the last 150 years of human management, and climate change.

Petaluma River Dredging 2020 – Interview with City Engineer

River Dredging 2020 – Interview with Mayor

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