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Green Heron Chicks

From Len Nelson: On the bird survey of Shollenberger of June 25th, a Green Heron nest was sited. Deb Sheppard got an image of 3 chicks in the nest and a hint of a 4th. I went back a few times to...

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Spring Feather Fest for Kids

Come join us for the 5th annual Petaluma Spring Feather Fest for Kids; a half day of birding designed for kids ages 6-12. On May 5th, at 9:00 A.M., we will go birding in teams of six kids each...

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9th Annual CBC4Kids Recap

We had 48 kids, 40 parents, and 12 docents for a grand total of 100; a record turnout.   The kids included 18 Girl Scouts who were well prepared for the count.  I hope to see them again with the...

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