Commemorative Bench Program

by Oct 1, 2021News

The City of Petaluma Recreation Department has published the new commemorative bench program that applies to all benches in the city, including the most popular site, Shollenberger Park. PWA has been helping repair and refurbish the current set of benches in Alman Marsh and Shollenberger Park and there are over 30 bench sites along these trails. See the program at:

Commemorative Bench Sponsorship Program

To make a request, fill out the online form to get reviewed and if accepted, there is a $2100 minimum fee with added fees for any extra work at the site.
New benches use recycled plastic instead of wood and have a 50 year warranty. Wood benches seem to last about 10 years and then start degrading so this is an improvement.
The Moore bench pictured above was sponsored by PWA docents and is one of these new types and it is looking good after a couple years.

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