We had 26 kids participating in this year’s Feather Fest held at Shollenberger Park under very pleasant conditions.  To sum up the day, I’ve added Peter Colasanti’s NBB post:

Hi All,

The Feather Fest is a spring bird outing for young birders held in the Petaluma wetlands and run by Petaluma Wetlands Alliance. This morning we had about 28 participants in 4 groups, 2 in Shollenberger Park and 2 in Ellis Creek.  I was leading one at Shollenberger Park about halfway to the kink in the trail towards Point Blue from the entry and looking at the central pond when Autumn’s mom Janey Stewart called my attention to a LEAST BITTERN perched rather high in some new green rushes.  Before even calling it I told Bea Pezzolo to get some pictures and she did.  The bird remained in view for about a minute before flying away, northbound I was told.

Andy Lacasse had another group birding towards Adobe Creek. They saw an AMERICAN BITTERN and BALD EAGLE, among others.

One of the groups at Ellis Creek ephemeral pond saw a SOLITARY SANDPIPER, seen by both Alan Wight and his daughter Marin. Alan sez it flew north.


Peter Colasanti

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