Marty Slonim helped John Shribbs replace all 16 of the QR scan signs in Shollenberger Park. We had to dig up most of the posts to straighten them out. When posts dry out we will add new blue paint on the top to make them easier for mowers to see them in high weeds. The signs are larger and more visible in acrylic frame and they can be easily replaced as needed. The signs were printed in Santa Rosa by Speed Pro who uses UV protected inks and laminated so they should last longer in our wetland environment. The Trail Guide, originally written by Gerald Moore, has been in paper form for years and updated by John two years ago. It is now loaded on our PWA website. The last station goes to Saving Our Wetlands web page.

Try using the QR scans as you walk around the trail. Open your camera and scan the QR code without taking a picture. Your phone will deliver a button asking you to press it to go to the website. Some phones may be slower than others depending on your reception quality.

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