From Deb Sheppard, visit to Shollenberger Park, April 14th: 
Like many of our birds at Shollenberger, the Eared Grebes are coming into their breeding plumage!  During breeding season they display their golden plumes that give them their name Eared Grebe.

The American Avocets are in their breeding plumage as well, displaying their beautiful russet heads and necks.  The female is just a bit lighter in color than the male and her bill is slightly upturned.  Look for them nesting; their nests are just shallow scrapes on the islands.

The handsome, and very vocal, Red-winged Blackbirds are very busy.  The female is brown and streaky providing her good camouflage as she builds the nest in the rushes and tulles.  The male proudly displays his red epaulets as he sings to attract a mate, and to defend his territory!

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