Mowing of Pickleweed at Shollenberger Oct 14-18.

by Oct 8, 2019News, Projects, Restoration

The Shollenberger Marsh Management, Maintenance and Monitoring Plan was approved by USFWS in 2014 and requires annual maintenance of pickleweed in the Shollenberger dredge disposal site. This maintenance is to ensure the safety of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse during dredge disposal events. This year the pickleweed mowing in the dredge pond is scheduled for October 14th-18th. A biological monitor will be present and walking in front of the mower to ensure no wildlife is harmed during the maintenance activity. During the week of October 14th-18th, signs explaining the maintenance activity will be posted at the main entrance to Shollenberger Park and at the entrance from Ellis Creek and Point Blue.

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