3 days of Earth Day Cleanup at Shollenberger Park Central Pond

by Apr 22, 2021John Shribbs, Shollenberger

Twelve people showed up today to help pick up the litter that came with the river dredging. PWA showed up in force as well as some FOPR folks and Sunrise Rotary. This is the first of a 3 day event. Again, like each of the previous days in the last cleanup we filled my pickup with lots of trash, mostly plastic bottles, but plenty of golf balls and shoes and parts of cars. Saw some eggs along the way – can anyone identify them?


On the second day we had 10 people show up to help pull out another truckload. Today we filled the truck again and found mostly plastics but also tires, car parts, scary doll head, Kool-Aid pitcher, and some new shoes. Someone recently walked into the muddy zone, got stuck and shoelaces were not tight so their feet came out and they walked away, leaving behind new shoes with little to no wear on the soles. We left by the dumpster in case someone wants to come back and claim them. The most unusual item was the Kool-Aid pitcher which is from circa 1980s when I looked it up on an Internet search. 

On the third day, Saturday, the local Coast Guard came out in force to help out and we really loaded the truck up today. A couple young families also showed up so it was nice to see them working together in the cleanup.

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  1. Barb

    Killdeer eggs?

    • John Shribbs

      Thank you. Will follow up with research. John Shribbbs PWA President.


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