I toured this area with Elizabeth Howland and Mayor Teresa Barrett two months ago and agreed to create a tour video which I was able to do with a friend with drone and tech skills. Click on frame below to watch video in YouTube.

Produced by John Shribbs and Michael Nistler. Three minute bike ride on and drone tour over north section of Petaluma River, riparian habitat, heritage oak groves, and contiguous wetlands which are N and S of Outlet Mall. Denman Reach is north of Corona Rd. and accessible off Industrial Drive has recently constructed path, native tree planting and water catchment basins for flood management and groundwater recharge. Over 120 acres of floodplain is privately held. Rainier underpass is being constructed for vehicle access and has great potential for multiple purposes that have been under discussion for many years. We are partnering with Friends of the Petaluma River to support the conservation of this site.

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