Ellis Creek Bird Surveys

Ellis Creek Bird Surveys

In January 2010, PWA began a monthly bird survey of birds seen from the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility trails. The goal was to establish which species were present, in what numbers, and in which seasons. As long as the observation took place from the trail system, every bird seen was recorded, whether in the park, flying overhead, or even outside the park. Data will be used to help evaluate the quality of the habitat at Ellis Creek, as well as provide information on the stability of our migratory bird populations.

Team bird survey leaders are Bob Dyer, Gene Hunn, Andy LaCasse, Peter Leveque, Richard Merriss, Ruth Rudesill, and Ron Storey. Len Nelson coordinates the effort and compiles the statistics, and the Excel spreadsheet of these observations can be obtained by emailing Len at lennelsn@comcast.net.

Adults on a Birdwalk

Results of the first year monthly survey, ending 12 December 2010:
92 species were identified in a total count of 22,999.

Results of the second year, bimonthly, survey, ending 15 November 2011:
126 species were identified in a total count of 11,865.

Results of the third year, bimonthly, survey, ending 19 November 2012:
124 species were identified in a total count of 15,203.

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