Visiting the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility (ECWRF)

ECWRF is entered from the east end of Cypress Drive. A 60-car lot is located just inside the gate as well as a public bathroom, and someday an informational kiosk. The usage rules are the same as for Shollenberger Park. There is also a 0.3 mile trail from the southeast corner of Shollenberger Park which connects to the Ellis Creek trail system. See aerial photo and map below.

Birding/nature hotspots along the three-mile-trail system include the polishing wetlands (year-round) and the seasonal wetlands (winter/spring) located between the bathroom and the polishing wetlands. Birding may be done year-round in the trees lining the edges of the property and also along the Tidal Marsh Trail from 1 September to 14 January;  at other times that trail is closed for Clapper Rail nesting. Docents of the Petaluma Wetlands Alliance offer free public tours at 9:00 AM on the fourth Saturday of the month, unless it is raining.

The Kaiser entry is near A, the Cypress Drive entrance is B. The Shollenberger trail link is C.

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